AGP Engineering
(Allen G Prout)

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Traditional Riveted or Welded Steel boilers fully tested to BS2790,

"We use Lloyds certification for our boilers".

Crane hire, Fabrication & Engineering

Replacement parts for the following....

Tube plate, Fire box, Boiler Tubes or Boiler Inspection and Test, Full size Traction Engine Gear Replacement, We can machine gears up to 80" diameter using our vertical lathe. Gear cutting up to Eight feet in diameter with the Sunderland 19 gear planing machine. Let us quote you for a full gear train overhaul on your Traction engine or Roller. Distance no object. No job too large or small.

Garrett Final Drive Restoration

Aveling Boiler

Foster Boiler

Gear Cutting

Machining a Full size Burrell Brake Ring

Burrell Wheel Rubber tyres job.

A recent job at AGP Engineering was to fit Rubber tyres to a pair of Burrell 6 HP rear wheels. The rubber sections are made from Tank Track rollers, these have the centers machined away, the ring is then cut through and straightened using a press, the tyre sections are bolted or welded to the wheels.

The rubbers are held to the wheel using hydraulic jacks placed in the steel channel straps

Alan operating the Webster & Bennett boring machine to cut the brake band

Big Machine, Big Wheels - Pre-bored tank tracks to the right!

Painting and lining after the Tyres were fitted.

Machining a Full size Burrell Brake Ring - See the Video!

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